Family Relatives - circa 2004

After my grandfather's death in WW2 (Michael Duke Doulton), my grandmother (Carol Christie), then with one child (my father Paul) re-married to Tom Gilbart (see Family page for fuller history) and had two further children, Andrew and Marian Gilbart (Marian now Read), my aunts and uncles :

My Aunts & Uncles Children (my cousins) Grandchildren

Dr Marian & Martin Read
Live in Hampshire, UK

Laurence Read - 1977
Drama (Hons) Hull University
City PR - High value mining & extraction
Partner - Conduit PR

Lives in London


Group CEO LogicaCMG
PhD - Theoretical Physics (Crystals)

Spanish & French - Oxford (Hons)
PhD Music - Verdi's Opera

Eleanor Read - 1979
Fine Arts - Kingston University (Hons)
Budding artist preparing for Art Therapy Qualifications

Lives in London

Andrew & Morag Gilbart
Live in Manchester, UK

Tom Gilbart - 1980
Law UCL, London
Barrister (criminal) - Manchester chambers

Lives in Manchester UK


Circuit Judge
Former Barrister & QC
Re-married to Paula Whittell (Solicitor)

City & Guilds Embroidery
Established textile artist

Ruth Gilbart - 1982
Urban Studies - Sheffield University
Training to be an Urban Planner

Lives in Sheffield


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